Historic Landscape Studies (ASIDOHL)

In Wales, specific areas of the country are defined in the Registers of Landscapes of Outstanding/Special Historic Interest in Wales. Developments of significant scale which fall within, or close to, these historic landscapes are required to be assessed in order to understand any changes which would arise as a result. This is undertaken according to the ASIDOHL2 methodology (Assessment of the Significance of Impact of Development on Historic Landscapes).

Our staff have expertise in undertaking ASIDOHL since its inception in 2003, having successfully delivered numerous such studies for developments across Wales.

Archaeological project management

We have a proven track record of helping clients navigate their projects from inception, through to the successful discharge of all archaeological planning conditions.

Written Schemes of Investigation

Written Schemes of Investigation (WSI) are documents which define the scope and standards of archaeological or other heritage studies.

Desk-based Assessment

Desk-based assessments (DBA) are documents which are requested by planning authorities to enable them to make fully-informed planning decisions.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our team has extensive experience of the assessment of large-scale developments which fall under the EIA Regulations.

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