Engagement and Learning

One of our core roles is to promote archaeology and heritage within the wider community. We aim to bring our passion for the past to people who might otherwise not come into contact with it. We achieve this in numerous ways, from assisting field projects in collaboration with local interest groups, to giving presentations for school children, and offering guided walks, lectures and exhibitions for the general public.

This work is carried out as part of the delivery of our outreach strategy and contributes to a community archaeology framework developed in partnership with Cadw.

Client Services

Watching briefs are archaeological monitoring exercises which take place during the construction process.

Education and Schools

The skills needed for archaeology cover such a wide spectrum that it particularly useful as a way of teaching schoolchildren about all sorts of subjects – not just history.

Community Archaeology

There’s nothing like a hands-on experience of archaeology to connect people with heritage!  We work with community groups to devise and deliver projects in their local areas.